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If Tehran is trying to forge a settlement with the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, as announced by the deputy head of the Islamist group, Mohammed Tayfour in Al-Hayat, and if it hiding its willingness to negotiate on its nuclear program in Istanbul, amid Iran's escalation with regard to the Strait of Hormuz, isn't it natural for Syria's allies in Lebanon to follow these political developments by disassociating themselves from what is transpiring?
The working party behind the project made a point of disassociating themselves from Hoddle's views.
A Hallmark spokesman said: "We are disassociating ourselves from this and withdrawing the cards."
Summary: Netrang (Gujarat) [India], December 6 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday congratulated the Sunni Waqf Board for disassociating themselves from the statement of senior lawyer and Congress leader Kapil Sibal in connection with the long-standing Ayodhya matter.
NNA - 20/01/2012 - House Speaker Nabih Berri stressed upon the necessity of disassociating Lebanon from the turmoil running throughout the East Mediterranean.
Naeem Bokhari admitted that the Justices by disassociating themselves from the case have set a huge example for the judiciary.
ACIP issued a strongly-worded press release disassociating itself from the settlement and later released a timeline of its version of events leading up to the signing of the settlement.
For Hunter, "Rather than an assault upon God's existence, evolution was for Darwin and many of his contemporaries a defense of God's goodness, a strategy for disassociating God from the often unsavory details of nature by introducing a blind process of natural selection." A new biography of Darwin by his great-great-grandson, Randal Keynes (Darwin, His Daughter and Human Evolution) yields surprising confirmation of Hunter's thesis.
Thandi added that she was disassociating with the party, as it was deliberately attracting the racist vote.