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Even though the concept of the formal disavowal of the training has appeared only as an emendation to the rule of First Defeat, it can be understood with all other rules in the Vinaya.
While Hurd was ultimately unflinching in his disavowal of Trump, some GOP criticism of Trump was qualified.
He stressed that the aggression of the US-led coalition on a Syrian Arab Army position in Tharda Mountain in Deir Ezzor was deliberated and in coordination with ISIS, as ISIS rushed to take control of the area only one hour after the aggression, pointing out to the link between this aggression and the US disavowal of honoring its obligations.
15) For Trunnell and Holt, verleugnung exclusively describes an unconscious disavowal, while their delineation of denial remains a chosen mental state.
The South Carolina Republican appeared satisfied with Hagel's disavowal of the remark, barring new developments, the Washington Post reported.
Farooq also urged "the scholars of this nation, callers to the religion and all people of virtue and honour in Pakistan to express their disavowal with this act of treachery with the Jihad in Afghanistan.
My mistaking Della's name for Lila's, Professor Harper writes, "seems worth noting because the slip could be read as a recapitulation of the very disavowal of personalized racial politics that Ames and old Boughton themselves enact, and of which Robinson is arguably offering a subtle but clear critique.
Siderov defined the refusal as an act of national nihilism and a disavowal of national accountability.
They grasp after moments of lived experience, attempting to pin down time as time flies by, the artist's choice of a format similar to posters or flyers, by their very nature ephemeral, creates a curious circle of avowal and disavowal.
For his part, the Slate's leader, Iyad Allawi, said that Iraqiya has yielded its legitimate right, so it would not be an obstacle in freeing the Iraqis from the stalemate they are experiencing, but what is going on is stalling and clear disavowal from all political commitments, especially with regards to Barazani's initiative, on which current government was formed.
Why is this 'shameful' disavowal of an Arab people who are coming out, unarmed and with naked chests, demanding reform, freedom and dignity in a peaceful manner and are met with thugs' arms?