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The teams reported will be disbanded are the Special Tactical Intelligence Narcotics Group (STING), Special Task Force for Anti-Vice, Gaming and Gangsterism (Stagg), and the Special Task Force on Organised Crime (Stafoc).
All these officials will have a choice: I will demand from Congress to disband [ERC] or leave them without a budget, and/or file cases simultaneous,' Mr.
Recently The Last Post sounded to mark the end of an era as the Rhyl branch of the Normandy Veterans' Association disbanded.
Allesley Scout Group's Beaver colony could disband if a new leader is not found
Social Solidarity minister, Ahmed Boraie, told state-owned Al-Ahram earlier on Saturday that a decision to disband the association "needs to be studied intensively, because it is a legal action not a political one."
CAMPAIGNERS who failed to secure funding to save the Cleveland Police mounted section said they are now "looking down other avenues" after it was announced the section will still be disbanded.
THE All India Football Federation's plans to disband its developmental team -- Pailan Arrows -- have not gone down too well with its commercial partners, IMG- Reliance.
Now the group has decided to disband because of a lack of volunteers.
THE loyalist godfather who founded the modernday UVF says the organisation should disband. Gusty Spence, who organised the UVF in the 1960s, made the call in the wake of the murder of Bobby Moffett in May.
David Lyscom, chief executive of the ISC, warned that schools which failed this test could be forced to disband their charities.
The news comes in the wake of the decision to disband the International Football League Board, whose members included the SPL, Scottish League and English Premiership, last week.
The all-volunteer-driven, non-profit group has no staff, no administration and runs a virtual office that will disband once the last hangar is leased out with an option to buy.