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Doubt, suspense of judgment and disbelief all seem later and more complex than a wholly unreflecting assent.
I conclude, therefore, that there must be belief-feelings of the same order as those of doubt or disbelief, although phenomena closely analogous to those of belief can be produced by mere uncontradicted images.
Left together, Hardyman and Miss Pink devised an arrangement which paid due respect to Isabel's scruples, and at the same time met Lady Lydiard's insulting assertion of disbelief in Hardyman's honor, by a formal and public announcement of the marriage.
The dull, gray weight of clouds made it invisible; but it was no hour for disbelief,--no juncture this to question that there was a sky above, and an Almighty Father looking from it!
He was prompted to express his disbelief very strongly-- perhaps that he might call forth the proofs, if there were any to be offered.
He accomplishes this result partly through his power of suggesting the real unity of the inner and outer worlds, partly through his skill, resting in a large degree on vivid impressionistic description, in making strange scenes appear actual, in securing from the reader what he himself called 'that willing suspension of disbelief which constitutes poetic faith.
He shook off her hold; he began to gather courage again, in the intense sincerity of his disbelief, courage to face the assertion which she persisted in forcing on him.
Bertha, the slim, fair-haired girl, whose present thoughts and emotions were an enigma to me amidst the fatiguing obviousness of the other minds around me, was as absorbing to me as a single unknown to-day--as a single hypothetic proposition to remain problematic till sunset; and all the cramped, hemmed-in belief and disbelief, trust and distrust, of my nature, welled out in this one narrow channel.
In the very expression of his face this naivete was unmistakably evident, this disbelief in the insincerity of others, and unsuspecting disregard of irony or humour in their words.
The government, in a statement by the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Kehinde Bamigbetan, expressed shock and disbelief over the sudden death of Tinubu.
Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Commissioner Roberto Cadiz expressed disbelief on Tuesday that the House justice panel issued a show-cause order against him.
We, explicitly, declare that the Islamic Republic of Iran will help, wherever it's presence needed, to confront disbelief and arrogance; we will not compromise with anyone when expressing this," Ayatollah Khamenei said, addressing a meeting with participants in the 'Worldwide Conference on Takfiri Issues and Enthusiasts of Ahlul-Bayt (AS)' in Tehran on Thursday morning.