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87) The State argued that the defendant "was not entitled to the instruction on the sole basis that the jury might disbelieve some of the state's evidence," (88) and its ability to disbelieve evidence or refuse to draw necessary inferences "does not entitle the defendant to an instruction otherwise unsupported by the evidence.
I disbelieve in "democracy," except in the Churchillian sense, as the least bad of many shudderingly awful alternatives.
Sandy Clark later revealed: "Kanchelskis admitted to John McQuillan he dived and I have no reason to disbelieve John.
Still, had it chosen to do so, the company had plenty of opportunities to disbelieve Leeson's staggering chain of financial successes.
After seeing his side lose 2-0 at Hillsborough yesterday, he said: "Hillsborough yesterday, he said: "d heir dugout told heir dugout told y me four of my players had told them the team on Friday e and I have no reason to disbelieve them.
My father was told the story by several people in the 1940's and 1950's and I have no reason to disbelieve it.
Christine, 54, said: "I didn't ever disbelieve or distrust Chris.
To survive, Jim must learn to trust the God that he used to disbelieve.
Lt Col Maciejewski, the commanding officer at the UK base at Basra Palace, said he had no reason to disbelieve the reports.
I wouldn't disbelieve anything in this crazy country as it stands today.
Last week, I opened the newspaper in disbelieve to read about a two-year-old girl being raped and killed.
Humanists don't simply disbelieve religious explanations; rather, they find that such explanations don't stand up to reasonable scientific scrutiny.