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Roxanne meets the current workers of the failing restaurant and lays down her changes starting with organs to a disbelieving staff and puts Steve in his place when he tries to explain that before management ruined the place six months ago, it was a success.
When informed of the find, the disbelieving Ohs rushed to retrieve them.
Luke says that at first the disciples were disbelieving and wondering in their joy.
ENGLAND star Martin Peters scores all four goals for Tottenham Hotspur as they thrash Manchester United 4-1 in front of a disbelieving 52,497 Old Trafford crowd.
Upon writing letters to our state Association paper, The Main Educator, I received a huge response from others who were as disbelieving as I was Initially.
The Russians were anxious, taut, and disbelieving. Scheduled to leave for Moscow in days, the whole group voted not to cancel our trip.
Now reporters found themselves unable to express in words what they witnessed, and the media increasingly relied on images, for they seemed to do a better task in convincing a disbelieving audience at home that Nazi Germany had indeed turned Europe into a slaughterhouse.
Di Canio, who was given a standing ovation by 30,000 disbelieving Everton fans, has often courted controversy in the past, but he wears his heart on his sleeve.
In 1993, he delivered what was described 'the Ball from Hell' clean bowling a disbelieving Mike Gatting with a ball that dipped in the air pitching outside the leg-stump and then bouncing back fizzing past Gatting's broad frame to clip the off bail.
Limbaugh is also a male hysteric, his voice moving down and up from somber bass to giddy, disbelieving laugh as he expresses outrage not permitted Peter Jennings.
The shroud of secrecy that once enveloped this most furtive of all Soviet industries finally lifted last year when Russian officials from the Environmmental Ministry exposed the practices to a disbelieving panel of the International Whaling Commission (IWC).
ALED Jones is delighted that his new album has overtaken Adele's 25 in the best-seller charts - impressing his disbelieving children.