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As the last remnants of the disbelieving crowd milled around the court, the UCLA basketball team was deep in the bowels of McKale Center conducting its post-mortem.
Down in the polls, but determined to run a clean re-election campaign, she keeps returning the satchel full of money (a ``synonymous donation'') to her disbelieving but good-hearted Uncle Carmine (Gould, who should fire his agent).
Bennett exhibits a wonderfully comedic sense of disbelieving awe as Mallen's monumentally selnvolved Leonard explains his next film project, ``Ecclesiastes,'' which he informs her ``is in public domain.
Shaquille O'Neal bloomed in front of this city's disbelieving eyes in the second half of the Lakers' 93-91 win over the Trail Blazers in Game 3 of the Western Conference finals.
Finally, in a corner called the corkscrew, a thoroughly frustrated Zanardi drove off the course, into the dirt and around a disbelieving Herta, then back on the track and on to victory.
Upon hearing the news - and with more than a few disbelieving shakes of his head - the skipper turned the boat around to retrieve his cherished tool.
While it's not surprising that 76 percent of us know what's coming, a disbelieving 24 percent still believe in Santa Claus.
Each story begins as a cliche yet proceeds to move the reader into disbelieving shock.
0 BOURNEMOUTH will play in the Premier League next season for the first time in their 116-year history after cruising past 10-man Bolton 3-0 in front of a disbelieving Dean Court.
Referee Mike Jones dishes out a yellow card to a disbelieving Sergio Aguero at St Mary's
In steps God, who appears to a disbelieving Evan and gently requests that he build an ark similar to Noah's.
People should not start disbelieving democracy," he said.