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According to Global Fund's East Asia and Pacific team leader Thomas Hurley last month, the Global Fund has agreed to disburse
Nigeria-based Unity Bank has announced that it is planning to disburse NGN200m to graduates of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) in Borno State.
Had authority to disburse funds on the company's behalf;
24 Kyodo Japan agreed Thursday to disburse 100 billion yen in loans to support Indonesia's programs to help the socially weak, improve living standard and deal with unemployment, the Foreign Ministry said.
Atlantic intends to disburse its remaining endowment of approximately $4 billion and complete its active grantmaking by 2016.
The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will also hold their own board meetings to decide when they will disburse their aid to Indonesia,'' Ginandjar told a press conference.
The three-year-old fund, a joint effort between the city and state, was slated to be allocated by the now defunct Board of Estimate, and is now the subject of a fight between the Council and Mayor's office over who will disburse the money.
Small Business Administration will disburse additional
For the 2006 academic year, the program will disburse a total of $261,000 from 10 named scholarship funds to more than 200 hospitality management students.