disbursement of salary

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Dooc said the rollout of the program enables faster payment of disability and retirement benefits, maternity and sickness claims for self-employed and voluntary members, as well as disbursement of salary and calamity loans.
He expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister Sindh and the Government of Sindh for providing funds for disbursement of salary and said the local government was also part of the Sindh Government and the provincial government has to solve the problems whenever they occurred.
FinMomenta expects the corporates to deduct the EMI before disbursement of salary to the employee.
Rawalpindi -- Non disbursement of salary to lower grade employees of Parks and Horti Culture Authority (PHA) Rawalpindi for the period over one month has caused embarrassment among them.
Under the system, employers have to choose one of the financial service providers (registered agents) such as banks, money exchange centers or any other service providers registered and approved by the CBO for disbursement of salary.
The only reason we can assume for the sacking is our demand to fulfill the requirements as per the work contract, especially disbursement of salary on the 10th of every Hijri month.
In order to ensure disbursement of salary to the employees of tine Corporation, and other statutory payments, the GoI provided financial assistance to the ANIFPDCL in the form of interest bearing loan.
Islamabad -- Non disbursement of salary to the 300 fire fighters of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) since last three months has aggravated their financial woes .
The saved sum will be used for timely disbursement of salary to the punctual and dedicated staff as well as pension to retired employees and also for development works in the city.
The company will start making profit on sustained basis and its dependence on Government of India for financial assistance for disbursement of salary and wages and statutory dues to employees shall cease, and it will come out of the purview of the Board of Industrial and Financial Restructuring (BIFR).
By this system the digital disbursement of salary to the tune of 13,000 Crores per annum would be ensured by AFCAO at Subroto Park, New Delhi, which thus far was being manually executed.
RAWALPINDI -- Non disbursement of salary to over 500 male and female teachers since the last five months have put them and their families on the brink of starvation.