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Disbursers and banks benefit from check float in three distinct cycles: mail float, the cycle where the check is in transit to collector (in transactions where presentation is not at POS); processing float, the cycle where the check is being processed by the collector and by the collector's bank; and clearing float, the cycle where the check is being moved from depository to paying bank for final settlement and funds release.
Pang saw no holocasters, speakers, screens, disbursers, or transducers and no control panels, monitors, work stations, just a circle of chairs.
He rightly cautions that these terms simply reflect unproven assumptions that officials repeatedly mentioned as receivers and disbursers of goods or services headed bureaus and that their records constituted their archives.
MIST's established customers, developed through relationships over a period of 16 years, include banks, payment processors, retail merchants, mass merchandisers, and government benefits disbursers located in the North and South America.