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This, she asserts, prepared the way for the anonymous, discardable object that could then enter the codes of individual self-presentation.
In developed economies a high percentage of metals from road vehicles, computers and other discardable equipment is being recycled.
Calendario de estorias is an intimate study in creating the building blocks of modern fiction by accentuating its discardable and interchangeable nature.
We're inclined to save everything that is normally thought to be discardable, such as egg cartons and bathroom tissue tubes.
Behind broken windows are those who still dream and share love and hope, people who will rise above their surroundings and find their humanity in and through what may seem ugly and discardable.
Such news reports make those who are paying attention in Lima feel that they are an insignificant and wholly discardable piece in a radically changing corporate puzzle.
Like all commodities, they are discardable identities.
That is possible if we address what Bentley regarded as discardable dross as significant political fact and ask, as Jacobson did before, does it serve an important ideological need, albeit a little studied and deeply concealed one?
This moment crystallized a seed worry that had been lying dormant in me for perhaps the past five years: the fear that we are entering an era when ideas like Modernism and Modern art are deemed not only antique but irrelevant and, even more humiliating and frightening, discardable.
Blocks may be allocated as fixed, discardable, movable, or swappable and are manipulated by the memory manager.
Other advantages include simple, low-cost plant with low energy requirements, minimal feed preparation, ability to produce a discardable slag without a slag cleaning step, volatile impurities that are readily eliminated, and emissions that are easily contained.
While there is no doubt that we are generating discardable stuff at an excessive and unprecedented rate, the scientifically illiterate population in virtually all countries is not being presented with much in the way of factual information about the real solid waste problem and what to do about it.