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Juillet 1674, 4-5, and expanded on in Jean-Baptiste Thiers, De Stola in Archdiaconorum Visitationibus gestanda a Pareecis, disceptatio (Paris: Du Puis, 1674), 260-275.
49) Jean-Baptiste Thiers, Disceptatio de Stola in Archdiaconorum Visitationibus gestanda a Pamecis, disceptatio (Paris: Dezallier, 1679).
Secunda convivalis disceptatio, utra artium, medicinae an iuris civilis, praestet.
11) Here, the subject might range from topics such as papal reform and the relationship of pope and emperor, which are dealt with in Peter Damian's Disceptatio synodalis, (12) to the sixth liberal art discussed between William of Hirsau and Otloh of St Emmeram in William's Musica.
12) Peter Damian, Disceptatio synodalis, Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Libelli de lite imperatorum et pontificum 1, 76-94 (henceforward MGH Libelli).
7) Other medical works were dedicated to members of the political elite, including Pierre Brissot's Apologetica disceptatio, qua docetur per quae loca sanguis mitti debeat in visceru inflammationibus.
Brissot's arguments, particularly in relation to bleeding in 'pleurisy', were developed in the Apologetica disceptatio.