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We used three tools to evaluate the quality of each website: the DISCERN quality index tool, the Flesch Ease of Reading Score (FRES), and the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level (FKGL) readability test.
DISCERN (DIStributed Intelligence for Cost-Effective and Reliable solutioNs) provides Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and other energy industry stakeholders with tools and knowledge to inform their decisions on the planning, design and operation of future networks.
Transitioning the power of the parish from the bishop and priest to the baptized priestly people is a challenge championed by those who discern, nurture and empower all baptized members.
Results using the DISCERN instrument indicate that only 32.
In order to model the process, Grasemann and Miikkulainen began by teaching a series of simple stories to DISCERN.
Most of the contributions strive to discern the editorial activity that connected diverse parts, especially around the problematic areas involving the relationship between Deuteronomic and Priestly material.
Sometimes the connection between celebrant and source material is too esoteric to discern without a cheat sheet--live snarls help construct the paean to Strangers on a Train author Patricia Highsmith--but the results are compelling regardless.
We cannot presume that members of Congress cannot discern right from wrong," he observed.
The new system, which is based on Versatile Volumetric Vision, a high-functional 3-D vision system developed by AIST, can automatically discern various ampules and syringes and sort them out with precision.
By knowing a leader's innate behavior, Prince writes, outsiders can discern a company's preferred approach to creating value.
How can we continuously discern the difference between center and periphery and of equal importance; how do we discern what constitutes the best expressions of the center?