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Still, a question worth pondering is whether corporate brands are more like the shining stars or the cold dark matter of the universe--out there somewhere, but emitting no discernable energy.
A mild finger shock occurred 2 1/2 seconds after the appearance of each consciously discernable face.
Bharosa's unique encryption process ensures data never exists in discernable form online to become vulnerable to attacks.
There were no discernable effects of changes in foreign currency exchange rates for the current third quarter and nine month periods.
In an industry where margins have become razor thin and speed is measured in milliseconds, Iati says that traders gauge new tools by their ability to provide a discernable and unique advantage.
But the shape of the STB's next generation replacement or evolution is already discernable, and it's called the Home (or Broadband) Media Center.
The negative cash flow trends were across all property types, geographic locations, and issuers, with no discernable difference between fixed- and floating-rate loans.
Although hybrid electric passenger vehicles have gained momentum through increased fuel economy and good performance, hybrid commercial trucks won't sell so much on that appeal as they will from a discernable improvement in the total cost-of-ownership.
Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) can help identify subtle structural rearrangements, variant chromosomes, and translocations not readily discernable by classical cytogenetics.
Student loans and prime auto subordinate asset class are likely the most discernable source of future upgrades," said D'Albert.
It is a sign of things to come as oil companies align themselves with those who can deliver discernable bottom-line value via the appropriate deployment of technology.