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It said the tragic events of September 11 had not discernably affected trade, and was unlikely to, as it had few outlets in areas attracting foreign tourists.
But over time, Brian's or Daryl's or Ian's visages have become discernably more 2-D, crudely tinted, like the mugs of Dan Rather, Bill Moyes or Oprah.
Kushner: But I think that the march idea came at a point where people felt that the movement was becoming increasingly monopolized by voices that were discernably right-winged and that we've reached a point where a kind of co-opting by the Right, by people like Elizabeth Birch, Andrew Sullivan .
Since husband William possessed black skin and discernably African features, he undertook the charade of posing as his "master's" attentive, obedient servant [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].