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Celibacy, a life of service, and living simply are all perceived as more challenging to this year's crop of discerners than last year's.
Half of all discerners going through VocationMatch.
com discerners are getting a better sense of where they might be called and a narrower list of communities to contact.
It may be that, in the end, addressing that generational divide is the whole point of the show; it may be that the primary concern of "The Sisterhood" is less about the five young discerners and more about the potentially hundreds of thousands of young Catholic women watching at home.
While there are hazards to over-regulation and under-regulation of the Internet, educators and librarians have an important role to play in developing online media literacy initiatives so that students can become discerners of the types of information they need.
Students must become discerners of information, and opportunities provided them to interact with information are the best means by which to accomplish this.
inadequately confronts the significant ecclesiological questions raised by the necessary equality among discerners in his proposed method of pastoral moral discernment.
In today's sacred texts, we become acquainted yet again with some of these keen discerners of the workings of God.
In what may speak to a dearth of positive images of religious life in the wider culture, many discerners commented on how "normal" and "human" and "ordinary" those in religious life seemed.
I was pretty young to be dealing with those things," he said, "but I had been following my father's evolution [in thinking] for a couple years and was being drawn into a kind of community of moral discerners.