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If you sow two identical seeds in two different environments, you will have two plants of strikingly I different size and strength, but they will still be discernibly the same plants.
In perfecting needless belligerence, Erdogan is also alienating important friends -- the European Union and America, who are discernibly uncomfortable with the way he is pushing Turkey into a political and economic crisis as the stock markets take a beating and the lira shrinks.
A discernibly harder line has been taken with critics.
Whereas the quiet, discernibly Edwardian, English countryside of the Shire is home to a good-natured, if somewhat xenophobic population, an exiled company of Dwarves pines for its lost homeland, and the adventures along the way to the Lonely Mountain are marked by the encounters with various foreign civilizations, as Bilbo Baggins discovers.
But with the departure of Kay Bailey Hutchison, his more moderate fellow Texas Republican, and the arrival of the state's unabashed new junior senator, the Tea Party darling Ted Cruz, Cornyn seems to be shifting discernibly right, as evidenced, Republican observers say, by his recent positions on everything from cabinet appointees to a bipartisan immigration plan.
His latest contribution to the field of psychology is "Landscapes of the Mind: The Faces of Reality", a 216 page compendium offering his own classification system for various aspects and states of consciousness, as well as a structured framework relevant to both the objective and subject aspects of life and how they can be logically and discernibly interconnected.
Many recent investments, especially in the auto industry, have therefore been discernibly automation-heavy.
Although the stamens typically emerge and mature in a nearly simultaneous manner throughout the family, certain taxa exhibit discernibly centripetal patterns of development while others exhibit discernibly centrifugal patterns (Table 1).
The quality is high but yields are 20 per cent down, probably pushing up prices discernibly next year.
As Born To Run stretched out during her second canter up Warren Hill last glorious Thursday morning she showed a discernibly powerful action that carried her to the summit with ease.
The authors define a successful campaign as one that discernibly results in the achievement of its own stated goals of regime change, anti-occupation, or secession within a year of peak activities.
The crowd broke into laughter when footage of a viral YouTube video featuring men dressed in white thawbs dancing in a discernibly Khaliji style flooded the screens.