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2magnitude quake that happened more than a year ago still registers aftershocks in the area although not as frequently or as discernibly.
The Buckeyes were a physical team, but they didn't have a significant size advantage and weren't discernibly bigger than other teams the Ducks have faced.
There is an unmissable snag, however, in that the Irishman's batting form - since a purple patch in Australia last winter - is not discernibly better than Cook's.
Economic indicators are generally improving with growth continuing to gain strength inflation is on a downward path and credit to the private sector picking up discernibly.
The notion may be difficult to imagine, but yes, the public discourse in the US is discernibly shifting the ground from under the very feet of those who continue to promote the conventional thesis that Israel is the injured party in the dispute between itself and the Palestinians.
We may raise the ratings over the next 12 months if expansion plans help to develop a sustainable geographic footprint outside of the UAE, while returning to underwriting profitability discernibly better than the market.
He offers a valuable insight into the gradual nature of the change from uttered to sung performance; as he aptly states, 'it was important to move slowly and discernibly from the familiar to the unfamiliar, with dramaturgical signposts which picked up established expectations' (p.
In perfecting needless belligerence, Erdogan is also alienating important friends -- the European Union and America, who are discernibly uncomfortable with the way he is pushing Turkey into a political and economic crisis as the stock markets take a beating and the lira shrinks.
A discernibly harder line has been taken with critics.
Each of them, their souls discernibly scarred some way or other, proffers a way to harness pain, physical or psychological, to the task of garnering modest adult hopefulness.
Following this I shot a five-shot group while encircling my right thumb on the stock with somewhat varied contact firmness between shots, but not enough to discernibly disturb the scope reticle position, which was carefully centered on the aim point at the start of each shot.
But with the departure of Kay Bailey Hutchison, his more moderate fellow Texas Republican, and the arrival of the state's unabashed new junior senator, the Tea Party darling Ted Cruz, Cornyn seems to be shifting discernibly right, as evidenced, Republican observers say, by his recent positions on everything from cabinet appointees to a bipartisan immigration plan.