discharge debts

See: liquidate
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On the contrary, it seems that they are acting in the interest of the Ministry of Finance, which does not discharge debts to us.
The primary purpose of Chapter 13 is not to discharge debts, but to develop a feasible recovery plan.
Tax advisers, financial advisers and consultants should familiarize themselves with the eligibility provisions of the BAP '05 and understand the tax consequences of limiting a debtor's eligibility to discharge debts through bankruptcy.
The purpose of Chapter 11 is not to discharge debts and grant a fresh start to a debtor, but rather to protect viable businesses that are facing temporary financial problems.
Nevertheless, once the forbidden fruit is bitten, many bankrupts come back again to discharge debts.
allow individuals to discharge debts even if they could repay some of what they owe," according to a statement issued by the Bankruptcy Issues Council, a Washington, D.
Thus, statutory provisions conferring on a debtor the right to discharge debts, including tax debts, should be liberally construed in conformity with the spirit that moved their enactment as the Eleventh Circuit did in Haas.