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The statistically significant discharge screens in the final mortality model were nurse screens of absence of documentation of discharge planning, elevated temperature on the day before or the day of discharge, and unaddressed abnormal diagnostic results at discharge.
This lack of involvement is reflected in the concerns raised about discharge planning - both in terms of coordination with case managers and in having a home care program in place at discharge.
Five years ago, MMM became the first Medicare Advantage program in Puerto Rico to establish a formal Discharge Planning Program.
In 2011, Crotched Mountain launched a utilization review and discharge planning initiative featuring processes and tools designed to facilitate care coordination, drive consistent clinical decisions, and minimize overutilization.
Through a collaborative effort that included insurers and providers, the state quality improvement organization for a couple of years had been developing a program called Safe Transitions, which provides tools for improving patient handoffs and discharge planning.
Although reentry planning begins at reception, the formal discharge planning process begins 12 months from the offender's projected discharge date.
Intended for hospital managers and administrators, this title provides solutions to improve discharge planning with the intent of cutting costs and improving profit.
Implicit in the development of this tool is the idea that effective discharge planning should begin on admission (Tennier, 1997; Wachtel, Fulton, & Goldfarg, 1987).
When discharge planning for the NPPV patient, the first step is determining the resources available for providing the necessary bi-level equipment in the home environment.
Discharge planning is not enough to get patients to continue taking ACE inhibitors after a hospitalization for heart failure.
MORE HELP FOR CAREGIVERS: A consumer guide, ``A Family Caregiver's Guide to Hospital Discharge Planning,'' is available for people undergoing the daunting task of caring for disabled or chronically ill relatives at home after leaving the hospital.
The 16-page booklet, Hospital Discharge Planning: Helping Family Caregivers Through the Process, distills the best practices of discharge planning professionals and provides strategies that benefit both staff and family caregivers as they deal with a hospitalized population that is older and sicker than ever before.

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