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I don't know about being a disciplinarian, but I expect a certain standard and this is something I expect everyone to adhere to here, both players and staff.
The critics say he's very good in the role of the stern disciplinarian Captain Von Trapp, but I can't help wondering if casting him came as a bit of a surprise to the director.
He is a great disciplinarian and I think this is a chance for him to show that.
AS A former NCO and military disciplinarian, I dipped when I read your headline "Holiday pay for prisoners
Former senior starter Simon Morant, who worked under Smalley, said: "He was a very good starter and a disciplinarian, but had a good, dry sense of humour.
He follows up on his commentary on the limitations of disciplinarian thinking and continues to develop ideas about conceptual theories and models for complexity, here outside the "hard" sciences.
He is also a disciplinarian with a strong work ethic and I believe he will inject new impetus into out campaign.
Both his training and his experience had made him a strong disciplinarian, determined to form his diocese according to both canon and civil law.
has come to live with his father, Furious (Lawrence Fishburne), a fierce but realistic disciplinarian who tries to prevent his son from succumbing to the sirens of the street, where the police are an occupying army and manhood is bought in blood.
Like a double-edged sword, the expanded responsibilities are coupled to higher expectations of performance as negotiator, facilitator, change agent and disciplinarian.
Summer camp staff members play a variety of roles such as counselor, mentor, friend, confidant, disciplinarian, and teacher.
in the 1980s and 1990S, financial innovation, deregulation, global capital market expansion and technological change saw the emergence of what was termed the "super CFO," who was not simply an accountant but a deal maker, team builder, performance manager and fiscal disciplinarian rolled into one.