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The study found that disciplinarian mothers ended up with six-year-olds who were nearly five times more likely to be overweight than the children of those who treat their children with flexibility and respect, while also setting clear rules.
O'Sullivan beat Ken Doherty 9-3 in the Irish final to capture the first prize of pounds 61,130, which he looks certain to forfeit when dealt with by the WPBSA disciplinarians.
Strict disciplinarians are named after which French drill-master for Louis XIV?
According to a study, mums can get the best out of young footballers through years of being unpaid teachers, nurses, counsellors and disciplinarians.
Glenn Hoddle should follow the example of two other managers, Arsene Wenger and Sir Alf Ramsey, both famed for being tough disciplinarians.
Labour disciplinarians fear some MPs have got used to an easy time with a Tory Premier fearful of introducing new laws.
And of those fathers who were strict disciplinarians, they also tended to show high levels of affection as a means of compensation.