disciplinary action

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The tendency to hide or ignore problems becomes more enticing than the possibility of facing disciplinary action.
Up to 12 workers at Sellafield, Cumbria are being fired, with another 20 facing disciplinary action.
The rates differed up to 14-fold, yet "there is no basis for expecting disciplinary action rates to vary from state to state," the report said.
RAIL passengers today faced severe disruption after nearly 700 train drivers staged the first of three walk-outs in a dispute over disciplinary action.
No disciplinary action is to be taken against officers on duty in Smethwick police station cell block when Cradley Heath father-of-four Shane Lloyd hanged himself with a shoelace in October 1998.
Taking or threatening to take formal or informal disciplinary action, or conducting any investigation or inquiry, applying standards in violation of this order;
SHOs, traffic beat-incharges will face disciplinary action in case of one wheeling found happening in their areas.
Up to 12 workers at Sellafield in Cumbria are being fired, and 20 more face disciplinary action.
Deaths of several children in foster care led to an investigation and resulted in disciplinary action being taken against caseworkers in the death of a Gardena boy, Jonathan Reid.
Because of the broad scope of the compliance officer's duties, he/she must have authority to conduct full investigations and take disciplinary action if a violation of the Code of Conduct or the Compliance Plan Policy is found.
A VETERAN Labour politician who criticised government plans to repeal the law banning gay sex lessons faces disciplinary action from his party.
Two police officers are to face disciplinary action over the way they handled allegations of sexual harassment and "bizarre" initiation rights at Harrogate CID.