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4) This would certainly rule out the use of positive discipline in dealing with the misconduct of DiLacqua, for he had not only been disciplined for misconduct in the past, he had in fact been disciplined for this specific type of offense on more than one occasion.
If we want to find disciplined faithful today, we can find ex-Catholics among two of the fastest growing cults in the world, namely the non-Christian Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.
Second, officers afforded Garrity immunity can be compelled to cooperate and disciplined for refusing to answer or for responding in less than a fully candid manner.
Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit held that an off-duty police officer's free speech and association rights were not violated when he was disciplined for talking to and giving a motorcycle ride to a 17-year-old college student.
Patients will receive services within institutional contexts that will have powerful economic incentives to regulate in a very disciplined fashion access of patients to those services.
Moreover, employees who choose to exercise their privilege and refuse to defend themselves may be disciplined on the basis of uncontroverted evidence.