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A culture of discipline is about having naturally disciplined people, who engage in disciplined thought and who then take disciplined action.
From 2001 to 2004, the number of health department employees disciplined more than doubled from 110 to 229.
Disciplined underwriting has these qualities and contingencies.
There are so many different reactions evoked in those being disciplined.
The volume summarizes the issues identified as important to the contemporary practice of school discipline, offering chapters on goals and definitions, standards of rule evaluation and model Student Codes of Conduct, legal requirements and court decisions related to discipline, research by the United States Department of Education and the Disciplined and Drug Free Schools Program, prevention strategies (involving school climate, anger control, counseling, communication, documentation, and community involvement), and issues related to disciplining special education students under the Individual Disabilities Education Act.
The cadre members and upper-class cadets serve as excellent examples of how to behave in a disciplined, professional, and caring way.
The most difficult action to defend--in both legal and practical terms--is the complaint of an employee who was disciplined with out having the appropriate backup documentation.
But if you start seeing a pattern where multiple experts are being disciplined, the industry will have to look at it more carefully.
If some officers are disciplined according to the dictates of positive discipline, and other officers who have committed similar offenses are disciplined according to the dictates of negative discipline, then those officers who have been disciplined more harshly are likely to feel aggrieved and discriminated against.
And yet, where can one find "difficult" or disciplined Christianity today?