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Therefore, Pashinyan is making delusional statements in order to divert attention from the situation inside the country and redirect it to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and disclaim responsibility."
Disclaiming an interest in an asset, according to IRS rules, results in such an interest never being transferred to the individual making the disclaimer--thus a disclaimer has essentially the same effect as the death of the beneficiary with regard to the interest in the disclaimed asset.
v County of Nassau, 46 NY2d 1028, 1029), an investigation into issues affecting the decision whether to disclaim coverage may excuse delay (see Quincy Mut.
citizen or domiciliary on becoming a trust beneficiary may desire to disclaim the beneficial interest in the trust to avoid otherwise being potentially exposed to U.S.
People will want to know why the trustee has left it so late to seek to disclaim the asset and I believe they are entitled to an explanation."
"The reason that the NFLPA would disclaim or decertification is due to the delays involved in the NLRB process.
As a result of careful estate planning, each daughter had the option to disclaim the share of her interest in the securities left by her father.
In the insurance field in New York State, however, the courts continue to hold that in order to disclaim coverage an insurance company need not show that it was actually prejudiced in any material way by the insured's failure to send timely notice of an occurrence.
JOHN FLETCHER cannot disclaim all responsibility for the new hospital being built at Walsgrave, because it happened on his watch.
Nonetheless, the trustee was permitted to reject (the Canadian equivalent is to disclaim) the contract, leaving Lubrizol with a claim for damages as an unsecured creditor.
The first recipient may wish to disclaim the bequest in favor of the next recipients under the will or trust, very often his children.
In junior and senior high schools throughout the empire, straight teens, emboldened by federally sanctioned homophobia, are now beaning gay teens with science books covered with the traditional hand-drawn hearts encircling the words SUEANN LOVES JIMBOB IN A PLATONIC WAY AND PLEDGES TO ABSTAIN FROM SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE next to school-board decals that disclaim EVOLUTION IS JUST A THEORY.