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In a 2012 case, a surviving spouse disclaimed her interest in an inherited IRA although she continued to receive IRA distributions that exceeded the RMD for the year the deceased IRA owner died.
It said Enrile had not disclaimed authorship of this letter and that he had authenticated the signatures of Reyes and Evangelista there.
made no clear provision in his will for an alternate disposition of the bequest if it was disclaimed but only provided an alternate disposition if Tatum Jr.
Hamilton disclaimed her interest in the estate "as finally determined for federal estate tax purposes" as to all amounts over $6.35 million.
Since 1399 "disclaimed" houses in the area have automatically passed to the Duchy of Lancaster.
In addition, implied warranties may be disclaimed altogether in writing, although certain language is required.
As a result, even though certain elements remained to be carried into operation (the contract was "executory"), the contract could not be disclaimed. At first blush, the conclusion that a licensee held a property interest and not merely a contractual interest was received enthusiastically by licensees and arguably provided some protection in the event of a bankruptcy.
The prestigious Wirral collection was disclaimed by liquidators, which means the ships belong to the Crown and the fate of the ships - including veterans from the Falklands war -is now to be decided by the local authority.
By making the disclaimer, the disclaimed property will not be included in the disclaimant's estate at his death.
Customers were not given a cooling-off period and a clause disclaimed responsibility for lies told by its sales team.
Such a serious approach to this deserving poet should prevent us from making such trivializing judgments as Shuffelton's that "it matters little that Wheatley may in fact have had few, if any, precise memories of her life in Africa"; as her endurance of the horrid middle passage (central to "On Recollection") occurred in close conjunction with those disclaimed African memories, can we bring ourselves also to discount her wretched journey aboard the Phillis?
But the union has officially disclaimed involvement in the strike action.