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could have made more records disclosable simply by reducing the scope of
Instead, trial counsel need only send the report to the one OCA who classified the one page of disclosable information, with the remaining portions of the report designated for redaction before being turned over to the defense.
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) now requires Medicaid/Medicare-certified nursing homes to have available for inspection ownership and other disclosable party information.
The provider of the documents determines what's confidential or not otherwise disclosable under exemptions to public records law.
It has been important to me from day one as Commissioner to be as open and transparent as possible and that all relevant disclosures regarding gifts and hospitality, expenses and disclosable interests are published regularly in line with the specified requirements.
Presumably, especially sensitive items obtained by Iran in violation of the Security Council's embargoes, first imposed in 2006 or those for which there is strong, disclosable evidence of illegality from formal judicial proceedings would top the list of goods to be eliminated.
In relation to WikiLeaks, Lovink and Riemens (2010) have, as a consequence, argued, "The glut of disclosable information can only be expected to continue grow--and exponentially so." (para.
While cost is always an important consideration for businesses buying third party advice, is the financial saving worth the risk that the advice received from such consultants is disclosable in subsequent legal proceedings?
in its legitimacy, a product of substance and perception that shows itself in the people's acceptance of the Judiciary as fit to determine what the Nation's law means and to declare what it demands." (30) The Supreme Court thus does not hold itself out as the ultimate master with arbitrary power over both law and language, but as a constitutional entity bound by the text, on one hand, and by its ability to demonstrate that it has good, publicly disclosable, reasons for its interpretation, on the other.