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Office of Management and Budget 2009, 875), they are disclosable as working law (NYT 2013b, 42).
The original controversy at issue was whether the fact that asset disclosures have been made is disclosable information.
Data for the oil and gas extraction industry (NAICS 211) are not disclosable.
Upon such determination, information exempt from disclosure may be severed from that part of information that may be identified as disclosable," the Authority said.
6% Note: Some data for Rush and Union counties are not disclosable.
Complaint 8: A councillor's alleged failure to register a disclosable pecuniary interest in relation to their ownership of shares in a social club and the councillor's management of the club.
Afterwards, contract attorneys reviewed the documents the computer deemed relevant to confirm the software's accuracy, withholding those deemed confidential and privileged and not disclosable.
In the event a clinical investigator cannot be located or the information not otherwise obtained, FDA reminds sponsors that they should have access to certain disclosable financial information by other means, such as payments made specifically to the investigator.
Salaries of top management in public companies, defined as CEOs, CFOs, and the three other most highly paid officers, are disclosable to government regulatory bodies.
The IRS also mentioned that agents would not use the files for any purposes other than the examination and that the information is not disclosable to the public.
These seven metropolitan areas include Baton Rouge, LA, but the data for this area are excluded from chart 2 and table F because its construction earnings are not disclosable for 2005 and 2006.
As Deleuze points out, by 1958 it was already evident that postwar contemplations of Italy only model the analysis of an ambiguity that ought to have been brought to wider attention in the case of France as well (C1, 211), and although he does not say so, a similar ambiguity is highlighted again by late twentieth-century globalization [mondialisation], when all parties became so thoroughly aware of their contaminations with the investments of the others that one could not think of one's location within it as "even partially" disclosable.