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But the survey group insisted that the law does not require them to disclose the subscribers of their information.
Arun Panchariya and Satish Panchariya failed to disclose: All director and controller positions which they were required to disclose in the applications for Authorisation; and Investigations and regulatory actions by the Securities and Exchange Board of India in relation to their conduct and the conduct of companies associated with them which they were required to disclose in their applications for Authorisation and/or after they became DFSA Authorised Individiuals.
1(a)(7), a client may request that the CPA disclose the client's confidential information to a designated person or entity without providing written permission for the disclosure.
For example, to disclose a bad debt for a sole proprietorship, the words "bad debt" should be printed on the line of Schedule C that shows the bad debt.
Instead it should be construed broadly and remedially to cover instances where an adviser failed to disclose to the client all material facts, including an adviser's conflicts of interest with its client.
The resulting state laws vary greatly in both form and severity, but they fall roughly into three categories: those that specifically criminalize the failure to disclose an HIV infection; those that enhance penalties to existing crimes--prostitution, rape, assault--when the person charged is positive; and those that simply use general laws like assault to prosecute "intentional" attempts to infect someone with HIV.
Of respondents, 17% did not disclose to their institution medical errors that prolonged the course of treatment or caused discomfort, and 12% did not disclose to the patient.
The dilemma, of course, is that companies that disclose tax advice to auditors will waive the right to protect that tax advice against compelled disclosure to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
New section 6707A of the Internal Revenue Code (2) prescribes a fixed dollar penalty for each failure to adequately disclose any type of "reportable transaction" (RT), as identified in the Treasury regulations under section 6011, regardless of whether such transaction is successfully challenged by Internal Revenue Service on the merits (Nondisclosure Penalty).
EHP's conflict of interest disclosure policy (EHP 2003) outlines a comprehensive list of "competing financial interests" that an author must disclose along with a published article.
While these notices generally are required to disclose categories of nonaffiliated third parties to whom there is disclosure of non-public information, the GLBA does not require that a practitioner specifically disclose to a client that independent third-party providers are used in performing services to clients (i.