disclose secrets

See: betray, inform
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Almost one and a half thousand people lived and worked in a classified area at one time, and they were probably instructed not to disclose secrets until a certain time, because even today it is impossible to find a story on the Internet of at least one person who served or lived in this military city.
In his most direct public response to accusations that his company is controlled by the ruling Communist Party, or is required to facilitate Chinese spying, Ren stated on Tuesday that his company would refuse to disclose secrets about its customers and their communication networks.
He said that Russia trusted Turkey not to disclose secrets about the S-400 system to its NATO partners.
Their tale, though operating within the opposites-attract premise, takes on the traditional and emerging concepts of love and beauty, as well as honesty (like the need for lovers to disclose secrets).
Keeping his cards close to his chest, Mr Sharif said he would soon disclose secrets about the 2014 sit-in which was jointly organised by the PTI and the Pakistan Awami Tehreek at D-Chowk, Islamabad.
Unsurprisingly in the same written press conference, he threatened if the activities behind the curtain did not stop, he would disclose secrets as well as expose the conspiracy hatched against the democratic dispensation during his stay in the office.
He criticised PML-N president Nawaz Sharif by saying that how could he disclose secrets about others when he is the biggest secret.
added that men shouldn't go and disclose secrets women share with them in confidence.
The motto of which organisation is 'indocilis privata loqui', roughly translated as 'not apt to disclose secrets'?
Around 35 per cent of people in the UAE share confidential data by accident, and 18 per cent in the country willingly disclose secrets about themselves - despite the fact that information shared online can cost them a relationship or a job, a study by Kaspersky Lab has found.
The chairman of the bank involved is worried the mastermind behind the heist is set to disclose secrets he needs to stay hidden, so he enlists the help of a political fixer.
The ruling military council vowed to disclose secrets that would make the people more proud of their military forces.