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TEI does not believe disclosure of the proposed data relating to tax contingency reserves is appropriate, but to the extent it is disclosed, it should be as limited as possible.
To summarize, then, fair value information could and probably should be developed and disclosed when, and only when, future cash flows are likely.
Furthermore, it appears that the SEC is increasing the pressure for an event to be disclosed at an earlier stage.
Unless disclosed during the VCI, the first opportunity for most taxpayers to disclose listed transactions invested in after Feb.
Unless the agency can establish that its policy is not to ordinarily retain writings such as the one requested, the record should be disclosed.
6694 imposes a penalty of $250 on an income tax return preparer for filing a return or claim for refund that results in an understatement of liability due to a position for which the preparer knew or should have known that there was not a realistic possibility of being sustained on the merits and such position was not disclosed in accordance with Sec.
Hence, just as individual taxpayers do not wish to see the nature and extent of their expenditures for medical care, for housing, or charitable purposes disclosed -- which are all relevant to the determination of their tax liability -- corporate taxpayers have a legitimate interest in preserving the confidentiality of their myriad expenditures and investments.
Meanwhile, none of the banks disclosed whether they had reviewed their portfolio exposure to climate risks.
The disclosed diplomatic documents are available in the reading room of diplomatic documents at the Diplomatic Archives.
The information disclosed by credit institutions in the annual (interim) accounting (financial) statements will be brought in line with IFRS requirements.
Although the full details were not disclosed, asking rent was $55 per square