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Back and back it slid for ten feet until it had disclosed at its right a narrow doorway leading into a dark and narrow corridor that paralleled the outer wall.
The sarcophagus separated in two parts, lengthwise, and the lower part sank down and disclosed a coffin of rock crystal as clear as the atmosphere.
The fine little fellow, who seemed to have never known the meaning of fear, early revealed a keen and active mind, an investigating intelligence, and a remarkable turn for scientific study; moreover, he disclosed uncommon address in extricating himself from difficulty; he was never perplexed, not even in handling his fork for the first time--an exercise in which children generally have so little success.
The curtain between the trees was drawn aside, and the shrine was disclosed to view.
Nor was this any token of folly or thoughtlessness at all, but a natural consequence of the thing; and such people, had they struggled longer with the oppression, would certainly have told it in their sleep, and disclosed the secret, let it have been of what fatal nature soever, without regard to the person to whom it might be exposed.
There were a couple of sheets of writing-paper, pretty closely written over, in the inkstand drawer, and they were folded so, that the title, which was in a good round hand, was fully disclosed to him.
To minimise the costs of implementing these measures and to reduce the risk of noncompliance with the MAD, the Guidelines recommend that price-sensitive information pertaining to a transaction is disclosed within the ordinary post-issuance reporting of that transaction, provided that certain minimum levels of regularity of reporting, Quality and standardisation of reports are observed, and that the reports are disclosed through the channels determined by the relevant Member State legislation for disclosure of inside information.
Los Angeles County officials are considering reducing the types of criminal convictions that have to be disclosed on county job applications in an effort to help rehabilitated convicts gain employment, according to a recently released report.
Yes, if confidential information is disclosed to an outside third party, written permission from the client is required.
6662(d) (2) (B) (ii) provides that the understatement is reduced by the portion attributable to any item if the relevant facts affecting the item's tax treatment are adequately disclosed on the return or on a statement attached to the return, and a reasonable basis exists for the item's tax treatment.
Typically, in determining whether a violation of the Investment Adviser Act has occurred, the SEC staff reviews what the adviser has disclosed to its clients and what should have been disclosed.
But more primary care physicians and students voluntarily disclosed medical errors than those who did not, said Dr.