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With respect to manipulation of the discloser's gender, each level of topic intimacy consisted of two kinds of messages in which the discloser was either a male or a female.
The first goal of this article is to contribute to filling that gap by analyzing whether--and how--transparency is able to change the behavior of global actors, especially in situations where information users have no formal control over disclosers, and indeed may be significantly less powerful.
Crudely defined, success means improving decisions enough to justify the costs of the disclosure requirement to the government, the disclosers, and the recipients.
Based on this rationale, 17 caregivers were HIV-affected disclosers and 11 caregivers were not affected or did not disclose HIV in their immediate family.
(1985) investigated dyadic self-disclosure between all possible pairs in terms of gender of discloser and of disclosure target.
The use of such disclosed code would be presumptively authorized and conditioned only on the payment of a reasonable and nondiscriminatory royalty to the discloser of record.
As shown by the harsh result in Biddle, it is also in the discloser's best interest to obtain specific consent in order to avoid liability.
There are three elements of the cause of action for breach of confidence.(187) They are: 1) the information is of a type that would be considered confidential, which is usually proved by showing that the information is not public property or public knowledge; 2) the information was disclosed under circumstances implying a confidential relationship; and 3) the information was used in an unauthorized fashion by the party confidentially obligated to the discloser of the information.(188) An excellent example of this cause of action being used to protect private information is found in the judgment of Duchess of Argyll v.
As the Editor tells us in his second chapter, `Professor Teufelsdrockh the Discloser' is himself to be `disclosed' (p.
* Disclosure is very selective, varying among life fields, based on the discloser's prediction of the reaction and the costs and benefits of taking the risk.(175) These patterns may differ for cultural reasons that cluster on racial or gender lines.(176) A sense of having social support "was a consistent predictor of self-disclosure" in one study.(177)
Over half of these were initiated by the discloser. The old people also often disclosed their age in some way.
The financial discloser form does not reveal any income from these ventures.