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172) The holding suggests that recipients of unlawfully disclosed information cannot be considered to have obtained such material unlawfully based solely on their knowledge (or "reason to know") that the discloser acted unlawfully.
First, is the disclosure design likely to change the behavior of information receivers and disclosers in the desired way?
Explanations for heightened disclosure online usually refer to the reduced vulnerability that online anonymity affords the discloser (the 'Strangers on the Internet' phenomenon).
For these kinds of disclosure rules, the generator and discloser of the information is also the entity thought to be influenced by the information.
There are several weighty arguments against anonymity: (i) it is more difficult to investigate a concern;(ii) a person's identity might be guessed from the circumstances; (iii) it is easier to provide protection against reprisals if concerns are raised openly; [19] (iv) anonymity may cause people to focus on the possible motives of the discloser rather than the merits of the message that is being conveyed.
The communication competence of each dyad member, the discloser and the receiver, shapes the interpersonal interaction.
Higher discloser will also help the present and the potential investors along with other stake holders in taking economic decisions.
131 period, it is classified as a voluntary segment discloser (hereafter, a voluntary discloser).
The section of the pro forma on the 'Return and destruction of information' also states that the Recipient must on demand by a Discloser return or destroy or delete all original documents and copies which are or contain confidential information (SWCC 2008a:6).
To investigate this issue, in the present study we aimed to examine the willingness of adolescents to correspond in regard to sexual self-disclosure based on the gender composition of correspondent and discloser dyads.