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Those who had disclosed were more likely to have ever been tested for HIV (646/714 [91%] among disclosers versus 122/209 [58%] among non-disclosers, p < 0.0001) or to have been tested for HIV in the previous two years (526/694 [76%] versus 83/198 [42%], p < 0.0001).
The contents of a policy and procedure should include the principles upon which it is based--who can invoke it, the types of wrongdoing that should be reported and the amount of evidence needed by a discloser."
(191) In addition, to shape behavior successfully, the disclosures made under the regulation must become embedded in the decisionmaking routines of both information receivers and information disclosers. (192)
Yet we predicted that in most cases, unsupportive responses would exacerbate distress for disclosers (i.e., making them feel ashamed or judged) without giving them additional tools to manage their distress.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- In association with the bourses, the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), has implemented the international financial reporting standards for listed companies, a move which will increase greater disclosers, transparency and bring investors' confidence.
The white paper notes: "Even if disclosers are fully tested and all communications are properly balanced, product complexity itself can lead consumers to make costly errors" (U.S.
However, this requires disclosers to have sufficient faith in the organisation's ability to conceal their identity and to protect them from retaliation if they are exposed.
The volume reaction test shows that the reaction to the interim financial statement filing decreases (not significantly) for both voluntary and nonvoluntary disclosers. No difference between these two disclosers was found for both before and after the adoption.
Income-Statement Disclosers: Since only 56% of the sample reported an income statement, what factors motivated these companies to make this disclosure?
* immediate disclosers (43 per cent reported within one month of the USE);