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Despite non-disclosers reporting lower recent HIV risk behaviour, the proportion of undiagnosed infections did not differ significantly between disclosers and non-disclosers.
The contents of a policy and procedure should include the principles upon which it is based--who can invoke it, the types of wrongdoing that should be reported and the amount of evidence needed by a discloser.
191) In addition, to shape behavior successfully, the disclosures made under the regulation must become embedded in the decisionmaking routines of both information receivers and information disclosers.
Yet we predicted that in most cases, unsupportive responses would exacerbate distress for disclosers (i.
Clearly, whistleblowing policies/procedures should promote open or confidential reporting and give undertakings about protecting disclosers.
No difference between these two disclosers was found for both before and after the adoption.
These distinctions are important, as the broader literature on information policies suggests that transparency programs are most likely to achieve agency goals when disseminated information is simple, understandable, standardized, actionable, and designed to directly benefit at least some of the disclosers themselves (Weil et al.
immediate disclosers (43 per cent reported within one month of the USE);
A Chi-square analysis of the distribution of disclosers was significant for personal confessions, but not for universal admissions or empathy.
If all disclosers provide higher quality services than any nondiscloser, unraveling is complete in this market.
For example, young children's tendency to be naive but brief disclosers is fully discussed, together with how to handle this.