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MOORPARK - Residents may notice a slight discoloration in the water beginning today, as the city begins its annual water-flushing operation maintenance.
The only exceptions to this general characterization are the polyphenols, which are ortho-bridged and therefore have high antioxidant performance, but a lack of any discoloration.
Any residue is limited to streaking (due to mandrel supports) or knit-line discoloration.
Various classes of polyurethane substrates have been observed to undergo rapid discoloration in the absence of adequate stabilization.
Black heel A dark discoloration on the heal or palm is caused by bleeding between skin layers.
Within the past few years, scientists have been testing whether an acne treatment containing a vitamin A relative called tretinoin can reduce the wrinkles and discoloration characteristic of sun damage -- and thus slow the skin's aging process.
Thermal degradation of the wood filler is a critical concern, since it can cause discoloration and voids in the part.
This black-and-blue skin discoloration afflicting joggers is just one of many skin conditions that can plague sports enthusiasts, reports Rodney S.
Kenflex A can be used in dark thermoplastics that do not require resistance to uv discoloration.
Look for cracked or torn rubber, splits, gouges, or a discoloration in the blade surface.
Doverphos S-9228's high molecular weight, low volatility and high phosphorous content are said to provide superior thermal stability, giving outstanding processing protection against discoloration and thermal degradation.