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Discoloration dominates, then dissolution, with other processes such as edge rounding and breakage playing a lesser role.
Rewetting of untreated kiln-dried lumber generally resulted in substantial discoloration of both species, although discoloration was exceptionally low on the 18 month Douglas-fir samples (Table 2).
"It works by stimulating the white blood cells that process congested blood, and by dispersing trapped fluids from joints, muscles and bruised tissue, thereby decreasing discoloration and inflammation."
Commercial bakers often prepare dough days or weeks ahead of time, and this type of discoloration could reduce the appeal of the baked product and could lead to economic losses.
Rufo likewise noted that Maynilad is conducting flushing operations in areas with severe water discoloration.
Teeth staining varies in terms of what causes yellow, black, or even brown discoloration. In order to determine the cause of teeth staining, it's important to understand extrinsic and intrinsic staining.
On November 26, Duterte explained that the discoloration is due to aging.
It is important to note that in most in vitro studies of discoloration by tetracyclines, roots or teeth have been stored in 90%-100% humidity.
Cultural work on the uprooting of an unfruitful garden, followed by plowing and discoloration of soil on the land plot of the csue orevichi 33 hectares, 40 800 byn
At 12-hour intervals for the duration of the simulated retail display, trained panelists evaluated the samples' percent of discoloration. Additionally, at 0-, 48- and 96-hour points in the display cases, trained panelists evaluated the intensity of off odors.
Teeth discoloration is a fundamental aesthetic problem.