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As with any cosmetic dentistry treatment, Zoom may not be right for every patient or every type of stain or discoloration.
This lack of fluorescence often produces an uneven skin tone, discoloration and an overall unhealthy appearance.
This relation is the opposite for logs with curvature and discoloration.
Select botanicals and marine extracts within The Body Lotion diminish the appearance of minor discolorations that can accompany ageing.
After explaining how one uses this book, the reader finds chapters with titles: Irregularities and changes to leaflets and leaves, leaflet and leaf deformations, leaflet and leaf discolorations, spots on leaflets and leaves, wilting and dried leaflets leaves with or without yellowing; Irregularities and changes to the roots; Irregularities and discoloration of the collar (and underground stem); Irregularities and changes to the fruit; Bacteria; Fungi, fungi attacking leaves; fungi responsible for fruit rot; fungi (and nematodes) attacking roots; fungi attacking the collar and sometimes the stem, vascular fungi; Viruses; Mycoplasma from the 'aster yellows' group; and Measures to be taken to remedy some non parasitic diseases.
LUSTRA(R) and LUSTRA-AF(TM) are indicated for the treatment of ultraviolet-induced skin discolorations and hyperpigmentation associated with pregnancy, superficial trauma and the use of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy.
Patients with dark gums may have discolorations, dark streaks, dark lines, dark spots or widespread dark pigmentation.
Overall, discolorations in wood during kiln-drying have been ascribed to many phenomena.
2]) is caused by the production of hydroxyl radicals and expected to enhance the discoloration rate [5,6].