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But compare Dirty Dishy Divine with Donald Byrd's 1991 Minstrel Show; the latter successfully harnessed its anger and vitality within a theatrical framework, yet still managed to stimulate and discomfit its audience.
A merger is bound to discomfit Tattersalls, the dominant sales company which enjoys broad Irish patronage on both the vending and selling sides.
More often, Cohen uses his talents to discomfit people who deserve it, deflating the pretentious and humbling the arrogant.
A variety of instruments is needed, some of which will demand much more testing time and may discomfit personnel preferring quick testing.
Such facts might discomfit the pundits if they bothered to learn about them.
It's not entirely without discomfit but the pain is sharp and quick rather than prolonged, often described as similar to drops of hot fat hitting your skin.
I do not believe a fine is enough if you discomfit or endanger other road users.