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With floating figures distorted by an explosion of bubbles, and reflections tricking the eye into confusing up for down, Cole's images create illusions that could have left the viewer unsteady, discomfited.
SIR - I see that Peter Hain - no doubt discomfited by Carwyn's moment in the limelight at the conference, has tried to push himself back to the fore by once again trying to resurrect the dead horse of first-past-the-post for the Assembly by giving it another good, very public thrashing.
The news which came out of Germany recently will have discomfited all those who enjoy the traditional afternoon tea.
It was classic Cleese as embattled Englishman at full, if autocueassisted, tilt - but its sour theme discomfited.
Presenter Kirsty Wark said: "Prince Charles seems slightly discomfited by the attention that Diana was getting.
Yes, if you like gritty thrillers, but not if you will be discomfited by the film's menacing and unpleasant tone.
Observers said InBev was discomfited by the WARN act obligations triggered by the mass layoffs last December (The WARN act requires 60 days notice for a mass layoff comprising more than 500 people) and since then has shifted to making smaller layoffs each month.
The more somber townspeople are discomfited, and take away all the music.
The Foucauldian ruminations on space and utopia are, for instance, particularly appropriate and actually enlightened this reader rather than discomfited his body into a zone of intruded chaos.
Invoking the entire "Nazi goal" of annihilation (rather than the Warsaw Ghetto situation, the delimited sphere of my discussion) is the sort of avoidance strategy that I have often seen employed by those who are discomfited by any resemblance between Palestinian and Holocaust resistance fighters.
While the environment is vividly etched, claustrophobia-strained interpersonal dynamics are just teased, as when student Andrew notes feeling discomfited as a Christian and scientist, or when members of the McMurdo crew mention the social gap between them and the visiting academics.
The small boy looked very discomfited when the conductress approached him and asked for his fare.