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He was one of a number of passengers as Mayo set the agenda and had some joy from attacking Stephen Cluxton's kickouts, with Dublin discommoded by the loss early on of Jack McCaffrey through injury.
For a mass rehabilitation unparalleled since a post-Stalin USSR discovered belatedly that lots of the chaps tortured or shot or otherwise discommoded were good blokes after all you can thank Neil Back, Dean Richards and pundit-type parties on Grandstand (BBC1).
report should not have discommoded the Administration's four proxy states in Central America, yet they have effectively put an end to the commission by rejecting its chief operational recommendation--namely, the institution of verification procedures that could be somewhat objective in evaluating all the countries' compliance.
Well, only ordinary folk were being discommoded, threatened and attacked.
The eruption of the scandal slightly discommoded this willing suspension of critical faculties.
Counties with smaller playing resources such as Laois and Kildare have been discommoded by AFL poaching to a much greater degree in the past, but with much less uproar.
their families would fret lest they be blown up or shot or otherwise discommoded by terrorists; fretting about their kinfolk fretting about them, they'd be unable to give of their best.
The only person who may not have been discommoded by Agca's claims to be Christ is Claire Sterling, who has always taken his words as gospel and who presumably attributes to divine powers his capacity to move undetected around Europe and across wide bodies of water such as the Mediterranean Sea.
"There have been two by-elections in Dublin West since the last General Election, that itself will have discommoded the Labour party.
I have to say my sympathies lie with the ticket holders who have been seriously discommoded and in some cases are significantly out of pocket, and for those residents who have been abused for standing up for their rights.
"I know that the people who are now in the Regency are greatly discommoded, and have been greatly upset by the findings that there were no fire walls between the apartments which were purchased in good faith as their homes."