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As he told his wife, the controversy "shall neither discompose my temper, nor postpone my sleep.
Letter-writing, as opposed to novels or essays for example, is the best genre for improving 'the structure of feminist exchange' itself, because it is premised on a reader's right to reply, the unfinished nature of representation and, most of all, the 'shifting and composite differences which at once make up and discompose readerly identity'.
Leave such a Ruin to deplore, To fading Forms confin'd: Nor Age, nor Wrinkles discompose One Feature of the Mind (Carter 60).
(12) Garryowen described him as `a good-tempered, easy-going kind of gentleman, who did not suffer the worries of the world to discompose him unnecessarily' while James Stephen characterised him as `a man of torpid mind and body'.
Where a modernist expects to discompose and baffle the realist expectations of his readers,(3) Wodehouse always apologizes with a courtly spirit if the demands of exposition have left a given part of the narration unattended to; he evidently prefers that the paying customer never be confused or forestalled from learning something of interest.
These voiced tributes to a perplexing vitalism can be heard echoing through "My Last Duchess," where they discompose the Duke's facility.
Because they are not suitable nor covenient to the state of human Nature, because they discompose and disorder it, makes it loose its peace and tranquillity and are directly contrary to the Law of self preservation in respect of the whole Compositum (d) [composition] for they naturally tend to its dissolution, and in respect of the nobler part of the (e) Soul wherein they are as so many Ulcers, Cankers and Gangreens.
Yet it doesn't seem quite enough to discompose some of our native revisionists, who are now wondering aloud whether it wasn't NATO that committed the "real" war crimes.
The revised quarto, Mallin argues, deals with the epidemic of 1603 and "suggests that a single influence, effectively transmitted, can permeate and radically discompose the consciousness of an entire culture"(65).
Knowing that her nuptial announcement would discompose him, Emma postpones the discussion.
Fanshawe's stripling "discomposes" Pyrrha, who will all too soon make him a "poor cuckold." Hornecks perfumed youth intends to "sport" with Pyrrha "on Rose-Beds sunk in Ease." The sexual element, it should be said, is "tactfully inexplicit" in Horace.
As Pecoraro notes, Gadda destroys or discomposes "platitudes and collective myths," an action which also forms a philosophical cornerstone of the treatise Umorismo: