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Like the conduct of everyone passing through the wilderness, these views are unsettled and discomposed, the perspective that was taken for granted now up for grabs.
One frenzied morning the real Dana Halter gets pulled over in what they call on television a "routine traffic stop" and the next thing she knows the cop is "standing three paces back from the driver's door and he had his weapon drawn and pointed at her and he was saying something about her hands--barking, his face discomposed, furious--and he had to repeat himself, more furious each time, until she understood: Put your hands where I can see them.
When we were exchanging vows, at the part where you had to say until death do us part, my new husband swiveled his head around to give me a penetrating stare, and I, discomposed, unsure of the right thing to do, glanced up and caught its spectacled scrutiny.
Soul discomposed watched from afar but no regard of angels enwrapped his studious regard with love.
The classical authors to whom Donne alludes confront the same sort of predicament: in Martial, the bee in amber has its short but busy life comically prolonged; in Horace, Numicius has achieved moderation and must return to the immoderate world; in Seneca, the becalmed stoic is invariably discomposed by crowds.
Two negroes, belonging to a Creole gentleman, who lodged in the same house, taking their station at a window in the stair-case, about ten feet from our dining room door, began to practise upon the French-horn; and being in the very first rudiments of execution, produced such discordant sounds, as might have discomposed the organs of an ass.
This plain question, propounded in a tone of mirthful surprise, somewhat discomposed me; casting an air, almost of the ludicrous, over the conscious self-importance with which I had been invested but a moment before.
Always there is the need to retain her poise and never appear to be put out or discomposed.
The turn-of-the-century frenzy arrived midway through the season and seriously discomposed the New Year's Eve week, traditionally the biggest frame of the season (that title went to the season's busy spring, during which, at one point, every eligible Broadway house had a tenant).
The father of the gods is actually discomposed by desire.
Although you scolded Lydia for interrupting him as he was holding forth with one of Fordyce's interminable Sermons, I know you took as much pleasure as I did in seeing him so thoroughly discomposed.
The chairman, looking slightly discomposed, said, Well, you also opposed the Civil Rights Act in those days, didn't you, but you wouldn't say that today, would you?