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There cannot but be something profoundly saddening, discomposing even, about the fact that "The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson" does not include--could not accommodate, or could not accommodate to its own nature--one of his greatest works.
An inquisitive director with a taste for exploring the play's dark undercurrents of protest could bring them to the fore without discomposing the play's glittering comic surfaces (paging Joe Mantello), but Elliott's production ignores them in favor of securing as much easy laughter as possible.
By virtue of the cross-reading it sets in motion, chiasmus uncovers endless changes in its component antitheses, sometimes to discomposing effect.
In addition, he does this, not by a masterful stroke of demystification, but rather by a strategy of unsettlement; for he answers Kant's purity with Sade, discomposing reasoned moral law with the obscene joke, and unsettling respect with impudence.