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Now What?" [D/J '05], I was rather disconcerted. Each article professes the need to essentially follow your crush everywhere and call him over and over, "appearing" wherever he is, and bothering his friends just to get him to notice you.
What disconcerted us about it originally was that the ball clearly got to the plate before the runner.
Having just turned 36, I was disconcerted to realize I'd been nudged into the ranks of the officially middle-aged.
I was disconcerted by Tempera's habit of interpolating the comments of other scholars into her own discussion without identifying them in the text, leaving the reader either to flip to the back for citations or to read quotations generically, as contributions tossed in from the sidelines.
Perhaps because Meisel recently took up residence in LA, it seems he wants to understand what's mesmerizing and hysterical about being so disconcerted, and what the city has to do with it: This certainly isn't East Coast blueblood, but it's not simply LA glamour run amok either.