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The writer of these Oz stories has received a little note from Princess Dorothy of Oz which, for a time, has made him feel rather disconcerted.
A little of this so disconcerted the tiger, knocking its breath from it I imagine, that it lost its hold and then, quick as a cat, the great thag was up again and had buried those mighty horns deep in the tarag's abdomen, pinning him to the floor of the arena.
While in San Francisco Halpin Frayser was walking one dark night along the water front of the city, when, with a suddenness that surprised and disconcerted him, he became a sailor.
This so disconcerted the squire, that he snatched the muff from her, and with a hearty curse threw it into the fire.
Helen began some laughing reply, and then disconcerted them all by blushing.
Thereupon the youth arose disconcerted, and said: "I hear Zarathustra, and just now was I thinking of him
The grass was short close to the road, and Levin, who had not done any mowing for a long while, and was disconcerted by the eyes fastened upon him, cut badly for the first moments, though he swung his scythe vigorously.
With a creative energy that defied odds and disconcerted less dedicated coworkers, Gruwell pushed aside the standard curriculum, took up the theme of "tolerance" and set the students to keeping diaries and learning about other teenagers who refused to succumb to the hate everywhere around them.
What disconcerted us about it originally was that the ball clearly got to the plate before the runner.
I was disconcerted by Tempera's habit of interpolating the comments of other scholars into her own discussion without identifying them in the text, leaving the reader either to flip to the back for citations or to read quotations generically, as contributions tossed in from the sidelines.
Their mutual friends, however, are politely disconcerted whenever Marie speaks of her husband in the present tense.
Perhaps because Meisel recently took up residence in LA, it seems he wants to understand what's mesmerizing and hysterical about being so disconcerted, and what the city has to do with it: This certainly isn't East Coast blueblood, but it's not simply LA glamour run amok either.