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A particularly disconcerting finding by Connelly et al.
At times, it was quite disconcerting and the neighbours with children were very concerned.
The failure to achieve the economic benefit may be disconcerting to the insured, but it was not an insured risk.
By far the most interesting were the comments by former Mitterrand guru Jacques Attali, who quickly paints a disconcerting picture of the Iranian situation in 2025 (page 9).
Vermes the fact that the Gospel accounts are 'disconcerting and confusing' means that they 'form a mystery within which real history lurks'.
The uncertainty was disconcerting." In a letter to clergy and laity dated July 19, Bishop Hollowell said Archdeacon Derek Hoskin, of St.
They use those techniques here, putting a trio of women in front of a disconcerting video that combines pictures of drifting leaves and a slowly falling body.
Dirty House, Shoreditch, built for artists Sue Webster and Tim Noble, one of the disconcerting dwellings from David Adjaye: Houses, edited by Peter Allison: London, Thames & Hudson, 2005, [pounds sterling]29.95.
Also, the author has the disconcerting habit of identifying only the specific MiG killers in the photos that show squadron lineups.
Coventry North West MP Geoffrey Robinson (Lab) said the revelation was 'disconcerting'.
COVENTRY MPs reported last night that talks with Marconi's chief executive Mike Parton revealed "disconcerting" news about its failure to win a contract with BT.
It was only as a young adult that I began to find it disconcerting. The image of a crumpled Jesus nailed to the cross seemed to represent all the things I was questioning about my faith.