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With disconcertingly few programs to help them, they are particularly vulnerable to homelessness and its residual dangers.
However, Ledwig pays disconcertingly little attention to Reid's texts.
What Warlikowski disconcertingly saw in Krum was a vision of post-communist Poland--a documentary-like perspective of Polish lives trapped by the social and political forces acting on south-central Europe.
To complicate matters further, Bradley is making no secret of his not-so-honest intentions, which she finds disconcertingly alluring.
By the 1990s, however, the neocons had changed, adopting rationales that "were used to justify an American foreign policy that overemphasized the use of force and led logically to the Iraq war." Disconcertingly, Fukuyama mentions the first PNAC letter in his book, but not the second.
Disconcertingly, the unforgivably young Ms Church replied: "Wasn't he in Texas or something?"
Stars of the show for me, however, were Colleen Daley as a deliciously nasty, and disconcertingly sexy, evil queen and Kevin McGreevy as Will, a kind of Buttons to Snow White's Cinderella - loveable and very funny.
One of his means is the disconcertingly empty ground in which his pictorial elements often float.
One couldn't help feeling sorry for the hundreds of hard-working students who'd had their special day of celebration hijacked in this way But this rising generation is almost disconcertingly polite.
attack on Iran is not around the corner, the regime-change crowd's fingers remain disconcertingly close to the trigger.
The caliber of the contributions varies disconcertingly, the omissions are startling (where, in the name of Terpsichore, is Fred Astaire?), but the inclusion of a DVD containing 40 excerpts of the works under discussion represents a landmark in dance education.
Perhaps more subtly and even more disconcertingly to retail pharmacy operators has arisen the perception of superior service provided by mail order.