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Though I have a clear mental picture of the Shambles from my own childhood, I found that, disconcertingly, I couldn't exactly place it.
Returning the next day with a camera, she discovered (her memory and the actuality proving disconcertingly divergent) that the figure she had glimpsed was a statue of an armless, legless Venus, standing on a plinth in a grotto of fig trees.
Wilkinson delivers a compelling performance while Everett is rather wooden - and also looks disconcertingly gaunt.
One couldn't help feeling sorry for the hundreds of hard-working students who'd had their special day of celebration hijacked in this way But this rising generation is almost disconcertingly polite.
attack on Iran is not around the corner, the regime-change crowd's fingers remain disconcertingly close to the trigger.
The caliber of the contributions varies disconcertingly, the omissions are startling (where, in the name of Terpsichore, is Fred Astaire?
Yet, unfortunately and somewhat disconcertingly, the regulatory relief we most often hear mentioned comes in the form of scrap export controls.
There's no faulting parents for doing whatever they can for their children, but the trend toward private education disconcertingly points to an ever-widening gap between the haves and the have-nots in Los Angeles.
However, the influences on this process and the strictures determining it are disconcertingly diverse.
Similarly, the generous, nostalgic, and warmhearted depiction of the girls and women who peopled his childhood -- his mother Fatiha, his sister Shirley/Rachel, their neighbor Maman Baudrin, Rosalie, Zizou -- espouses a disconcertingly, intermittently, yet subtly misogynistic subtext.
Instead, however, we are offered what is described rather disconcertingly as a brief though not entirely factual biography' (p.