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Bemusement became disconcertment in some circles when Fox-Genovese, herself a product of single sex education, served as an expert witness on behalf of the Virginia Military Institute's efforts to remain all male.
That, to his disconcertment, led to a prolonged standing ovation fo r her during his address.
The juxtaposition of past and present, a technique foreshadowing Hemingway's concern with time, the melding of past and present, that would coalesce in Green Hills of Africa, is an effective design: it demonstates Madame Fontan's cultural bewilderment, as well as presenting a narrator who often feels displaced, one who, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, sees the mountains of Spain--all of which transmits a sense of disconcertment to the reader.
I came to my decision after a long period of disconcertment and lots of prayers," she says.
The red-carpeted runway, which was embedded with photographs of guests due in this week, such as Catherine Deneuve and Michael Douglas, caused disconcertment among the VIPs who found themselves trampling over these famous faces.