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Disconformity thus occurred at the Permian-Triassic boundary in the studied area.
Under this rule, P's basis in S must be reduced by the lesser of the stock's net positive investment adjustments and the disconformity amount.
For the past which a character recalls is much father back in his A-series time experience than it is in ours, due to the disconformity or inequality between the time represented as having elapsed and the time which performance actually occupies.
Mills, Does Disconformity in State Corporate Income Tax Systems Affect Compliance Cost Burdens?
54) Through this calculus of antagonism and traversal, it is evident that a greater degree of social disconformity yields a higher portion of individuality.
According to the current classification (Nestor 1995, 1997), the Mohkula Beds are included into the underlying Raikkula Stage (middle Llandovery, Nurmekund Formation) as they are separated from the rest of the Adavere Stage by a disconformity.
For most soil profiles described from auger holes, it is difficult to recognise features indicating deposition breaks or disconformity.
The traditional model treated a disconformity at the base of the channel sandstone as a rapid regression followed by a slow transgression.
We are exhorted "to hear with patience and humility those, however they be miscall'd, that desire to live purely, in such a use of Gods Ordinances, as the best guidance of their conscience gives them, and to tolerat them, though in some disconformity to our selves" (1959, 2:561).
according to the cover and conglomerate layer in this boundary and the upper boundary of this sequence is SB1 due to erosional evidences or disconformity.
In contrast to most other "butter shales", which are widely traceable, the Oldenburg appears to be restricted to an area of just a few tens of square kilometers in southeastern Indiana, probably owing to its removal in most other areas at a significant and previously unrecognized disconformity (Fig.