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The technology powering our new software allows us to protect users from more threats than ever before," says Disconnect CTO and ex-NSA engineer Patrick Jackson.
38KV Class Primary Disconnect (Kirk Key Interlock Voltage Regulator) (Requires JCP&L
Passport-G features a quick disconnect compatible with GN Netcom.
Perhaps a combination of audience commentary on pieces selected by the professional presenter, as in the Hanson case, combined with audience-generated programming ideas would partially remedy the Great Disconnect.
The DN4X series of flange mounted stainless steel disconnect enclosures are ideal for use where protection from dust, water, oil, and dripping water are required.
LEX Vehicle Leasing is reinforcing its policy on child car seat safety on the back of a growing number of company car drivers with very young children who are contacting Lex to ask them to disconnect their car's passenger airbag.
Depending on your system configuration, staff might need to open circuit breakers or disconnect switches to isolate equipment.
The most cost-effective option is to disconnect the service and absorb the loss.
Disconnections and intent to disconnect is segmented along key demographic lines as well as according to service supplier, fixed and mobile.
7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- GKN has developed the world's first Disconnect All-Wheel Drive System for A-, B- and C-segment vehicle platforms, which improves fuel economy during steady state cruising by up to 4%.
Tenders are invited for 120kV (123kV Maximum Rated) and 240kV (242kV Maximum Rated) Disconnect Switches
Furthermore disconnection team of Gul Bela sub-division disconnect power supply from four 50 KVA and two 25 KVA transformers of Ghari Chandan area due to non payment of dues.