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She is not content to leave us to commune in isolation, nor will she let us live disconnectedly, ignoring the consequences of our actions for others.
Both Africans and African Americans waste energy by tackling the problems disconnectedly.
Thus, there would seem to be a link between the concrete and the nakedly, disconnectedly phenomenal.
The man and woman amble slowly and disconnectedly among these materials--scabbards, pistols, swords, books, buckets, scythes, and so on--in automaton-like rhythms, with repetitive and trancelike gestures.
As I recited my litany of remembered Central Asian pleasantries my eyes journeyed disconnectedly along Dr.
It drifts disconnectedly, afloat in a wholly unprecedented legal and social context, searching for a new purpose and perhaps a new master.
173-232) examines, somewhat disconnectedly, the way in which the plays deal with the problems of good and evil, the supernatural, social deprivation, madness, violence and murder together with their associated symbols, and once again arrives at the conclusion that Mord, in which capitalist modernity is presented positively (p.
Rather the same subjectivity--the same emotion of pain and rage--is continually rearticulated ever more extravagantly and disconnectedly.
The penises, palette-form, ova, spinal column, and sundry other shapes that defy description float disconnectedly and are not unified within a visual theme.
He talked disconnectedly of 1913, the great strike, people running, somebody beaten, muttering to someone unseen, "Why are you laughing, you think it's a joke?