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At the time of those disconnections, it appeared Verizon was purging heavy data users from the network who signed up through some of the smaller, partnering carriers.
However, people also use strategies of disconnection or distancing behaviors to manage their emotional safety.
Phase 1 completed with the disconnection of all 20 risers and umbilicals from the FPSO facility and their placement on the seabed in accordance with the laydown agreement, while for Phase 2 the company disconnected all 12 mooring lines and placed them on the seabed while the FPSO was held in place by station-keeping vessels.
An official from the operation department at Sewa said that the authority is making great efforts to improve the services provided to residents and avoid frequent power disconnection in the future.
Recently my friend, who left Bahrain had an experience at the time of submission of his electricity disconnection application.
Similarly power supply of Shah Baz Tela Band was disconnected due to non payment of Rs 10 lacs, and also disconnecting 100KVA & 50KVA distribution transformers feeding from 11 kv Dabir feeder power supply to Shalghan Abad and Pattan Bazar by disconnection teams of Hazara Circle.
The directive followed the expiration of the 30 June 2013 deadline given to all subscribers in the country to register their SIMs or face disconnection.
Morallos said the disconnection notice was served by the NGCP last week on orders of the Philippine Electricity Market Corp.
SSGC has its own dedicated disconnection and reconnection teams in the Company's franchise areas of Sindh and Balochistan, driven towards ensuring recoveries of dues.
Summary: Muscat: The Public Authority for Electricity and Water has announced the disconnection of water supply .
Mr Mullins said: "It is not usual practice to have full disconnection, there will be reduced flow.
This general disconnection caused a massive energy pulse created by the immediate disconnection of a sizeable load in zero time.