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The customers being removed by Verizon have received notice of disconnection this month.
These disconnections can be societally driven (Jordan, 2010).
This new protocol should make energy suppliers think about the adverse affects on leaseholders before resorting to disconnections and make it absolutely a last resort.
Specific cultural values and scripts may also hold keys to understanding disconnections (Ruiz, 2005).
FREEZE on disconnections for Britain's poorest households until fuel costs come down.
And then there are the "wilderness" of our own personal disconnections, personal dislocations, personal discomforts and personal distresses.
Integrating R/CT into this PMFTG approach may strengthen outcomes, because this addition ensures that the PMFTG is gender informed (patients are predominantly female) and that it teaches families how to identify and negotiate disconnections emerging from and sustaining these illnesses.
A council spokesman said: "Much planned demolition is still on hold, because we're waiting for disconnections.
BOOT ANGER: Estate resident Jack Mahon says the council has not taken account of disconnection times' FRUSTRATED: City council leader Warren Bradley
Fittings can take a longer time to disengage and re-install, but may be the connection of choice if disconnections are not time sensitive.
The scheme is good for clients with long disconnections but has very large size of IR and assumes that update rate to the database is not high.