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Every day he grew more morose and discontented and irritable; every day his character kept changing for the worse.
He found Miss Crawley's maid (the discontented female) unusually sulky and despondent; he found Miss Briggs, her dame de compagnie, in tears alone in the drawing-room.
Miss Briggs was not formally dismissed, but her place as companion was a sinecure and a derision; and her company was the fat spaniel in the drawing-room, or occasionally the discontented Firkin in the housekeeper's closet.
Addressed to new mothers, The Discontented Little Baby Book draws on detailed case studies and a wide range of research to recommend and explain the "cued care" approach to managing babies with cry-fuss problems that extend beyond the first 16 weeks of life.
Or thinking of things that others possess, Feel envious of them and discontented I guess.
Tied as it is to capitalism, labour, innovation, and profit, the hikikomori is indeed an effect of global economic forces: the discontented underbelly of those forces making its presence felt in increasingly larger scale.
5 million people in that age group are discontented, while fewer than 40% feel completely happy with life, compared to an average of 48%.
ISLAMABAD, February 06, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Former Prime Minister, Mir Zafar Ullah Jamali, has recommended to President Zardari to hold personal meeting with discontented elements of Balochistan.
Kalol (Gujarat), Apr 27 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Prime Ministerial candidate L K Advani criticised the Congress Government here today and said people are discontented with the present administrative set up at the Centre.
Since having this dream I feel really discontented.
Frank Baum, best known for his children's classic "The Wizard of Oz", The Discontented Gopher is the story of Zikky the Gopher, who amazingly wins a fantastic golden ball and with it a difficult choice--riches or happiness?
Phoenix Dance is a young woman who lives in a kingdom torn by politics where discontented citizens act out against the power of the monarchy.