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"I think it is very strange of Gertrude to pass the whole day with Chester in the billiard room," said Jane discontentedly.
The two youthful figures, side by side, but not now arm-in-arm, wander discontentedly about the old Close; and each sometimes stops and slowly imprints a deeper footstep in the fallen leaves.
From his wrinkled flabby face he looked over fifty; his little eyes were lost in fat and they looked out grimly, sternly and discontentedly.
Haley therefore slowly and discontentedly returned to the little tavern, to ponder further what was to be done.
Dosan Amanshin bitterly reports that "In Russia, they started a suspicious attitude towards the twenty millions of Muslims ..." Further the author discontentedly writes about the limitation of the Kazakhs' freedom and is based on the following, "The 136-Article of the Steppe Provision states that the land will not be sold to the outlanders, as well as to the people who have not been baptized." Reporting on the tough destiny of the Kazakh people, humiliated on their native land, and the author continues his narration with the thoughts on the threats may catch the Kazakhs in the future, "On 18 June, the Duma adopted a law.
While the bodies that are visually counter hegemonic (those of the transvestite, the transsexual, and as some argue, the homosexual) desire a form of queer familial stability, the hegemonic body of Graubel exists discontentedly within the heteronormative framework of a wealthy, white family, and seeks companionship with the femme fatale/nubile young boy that is Sirena Selena.
Then comes, dropping after all, apemantus, discontentedly, like himself apemantus I scorn thy meat.
Joining him again on the boat, she looks downcast and he mumbles discontentedly that she is "like a leech on a cormorant's foot" and a "stupid girl, making trouble for [herself]." Forcing her to work for her keep and to call him "Boss," he finds she has natural talent and soon she masters a number of acrobatic poses and joins him in the street performances.
In the present Guest has to cope with a reality that distracts him from his radical thoughts, "As he sat in that vapour-bath of hurried and discontented humanity, a carriage of the underground railway, he, like others, stewed discontentedly" (Morris 2003:3).
Wei Caixia, in her mid-30s, finds herself discontentedly straddling the fence between old values and new.