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The court expressing discontentment over the procurement of the deed of compromise by the suspects and the claimant party stated that within seven days it should be briefed that why and on which legal grounds, the deed of compromise was obtained.
Ketkar said the middle class media was not highlighting the discontentment among people and the opposition unity was not a gathering of leaders, but a collective voice against the wrongdoings of the government.
Letting of the unit, which has never had an occupier since the revamped station opened in 2015, will provide a welcome boost to the transport hub and also Grand Central's owner Hammerson after recent stories highlighting the volume of empty units upstairs there and apparent discontentment among some tenants.
THE fire of discontentment, which engulfed Mandsaur, has now reached Punjab.
The Committee expressed its discontentment todays meeting with the Department of Military Veterans in Mpumalanga, after learning that the department only managed to build a disappointing number of 41 houses against a target of 3 000 houses it had intended to build in the 2015/16 financial year.
HAFIZABAD -- Being eyes and ears of the society, the journalists must be responsible and transparent and they should expose negative elements and desist from creating uncertainty and discontentment among the public, Muhammad Haroon Joyia District Police Officer said here today.
On January 8, a group of 40 retired Brazilian diplomats signed a statement against it, re -stating discontentment with the way he was announced and with his role in the settlement movement.
PM also expressed his discontentment over the team's below par performance in the Asia Cup and demanded a report from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) upon the matter.
This is only one small area of anglers' discontentment with the current situation on our local rivers and throughout the country.
It is not to want more than what is necessary for us, and live in discontentment that life does not give us eternal youth and all the material goods we might crave for.
That would have led to much discontentment among Indian fans, as Xiaomi does not have the right to sell a MediaTek-powered device in India, following its lawsuit battle against Ericsson, which it lost.
In this wry novel on discontentment, a lot boy in Buffalo, New York -- with few prospects and a chip on his shoulder -- falls into fraud, reconnects with his high-school love, and avoids the inevitable outcome of his father's cancer.