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The District Collector has uttered his discontentment over the alleged incapacity of the Eluru Municipal Corporation (EMC) to fulfill the demand for tap connections.
Meanwhile residents of Delhi also expressed discontentment over the sudden hike in rail fare.
Tracy Morgan's fake death news has boiled over into pain and anger as fans took Twitter to express their discontentment.
The purpose is likely due to the monitoring of the transportation process in order to prevent any oil spill incidents that could invite further discontentment from environmental activists," it said.
The greatest satisfaction of Sao Paulo citizens stems from the Family, and the greatest discontentment lays in Health, Transportation and in the Legislative Power
Thus, some people may find themselves moving quickly from one partner to another, only to find themselves in constant discontentment with their personal lives.
It has become the norm to read and hear about wrongdoers and evil acts against one another, or about our discontentment at a certain group, institution or person.
In a completely sardonic piece, Fathy jeers the army's discontentment amid calls to hold accountable all former military officials named responsible for those killed and injured during the 25 January uprising.
Ivan Glasenberg, Glencore's Chief Executive had previously made amendments to the bid to appease discontentment from Qatar Holdings, one of Xstrata's biggest shareholders.
Although that does not oblige the Lib Dems oppose the legislation, it demonstrates the widespread discontentment among the grassroots.
Stories of discontentment are rife with strikers Bobby Zamora and Andy Johnson demanding to leave when the transfer window opens.
A PICTURE OF DISCONTENTMENT BENNETT, who formerly traded as Lasting Impressions and We Photograph Your Wedding, hit the headlines after newly-weds complained about his shambolic wedding videos and pictures.